Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: G Shah

As a seller, one of the primary goals is to get the house sold within a specific timeline and for the most money possible. This requires working with a skilled and experienced real estate agent who knows how to navigate the complexities of the market and negotiate effectively on behalf of their clients. Kush Gupta is one such agent who excels at his job. Selling a house can be a daunting task, especially in a competitive market. However, working with Kush Gupta can alleviate many of the stresses associated with the process. His knowledge of the local market, coupled with his exceptional negotiation skills, allows him to create a personalized strategy for each client that optimizes their chances of success. One of the most significant benefits of working with Kush Gupta is his ability to streamline the sales process. He understands that time is of the essence when it comes to selling a house, and he works tirelessly to ensure that each client's timeline is met. By keeping the lines of communication open and providing regular updates, he ensures that the seller is always informed and can make informed decisions about the sale. Ultimately, what matters most is getting the house sold within the timeline and for the most money possible. By working with Kush Gupta, sellers can rest assured that they have the best possible chance of achieving these goals. With his expertise and dedication, he makes selling a house a smooth and stress-free experience, leaving sellers extremely happy with their decision to work with him.

By: Raj S

Kush Gupta is a realtor who is truly one of the best in the industry. He has helped my family and I buy and sell homes in the Greater Toronto Area and his level of expertise, knowledge, and dedication to his clients is unmatched. When we first decided to buy a new home, we were hesitant about the market and unsure about how to navigate it. We had heard horror stories about realtors who were pushy and unhelpful, and we were worried that we would end up working with someone who would not have our best interests in mind. However, as soon as we met Kush, we knew that we had found the right person for the job. Kush took the time to listen to our needs and wants in a home, and he quickly understood what we were looking for. He showed us a wide variety of properties, and he was always patient and understanding when we had questions or concerns. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods and communities in the GTA, and he was able to give us valuable insights into the pros and cons of each area. When we finally found the perfect home, Kush was there every step of the way to help us navigate the buying process. He was always available to answer our questions and to provide us with guidance and support. He was also extremely detail-oriented and made sure that everything was in order before closing. After we moved into our new home, we decided to sell our old one. We knew that the market was tough, and we were worried that it would be difficult to find a buyer. However, Kush reassured us that everything would be fine, and he was right. He helped us to stage our home and to price it competitively, and he was able to find a buyer in just a few weeks. Throughout the selling process, Kush was always available to answer our questions and to provide us with guidance and support. He was also extremely detail-oriented and made sure that everything was in order before closing. In conclusion, Kush Gupta is an exceptional realtor who truly stands out in the industry. He has helped us buy and sell home in the GTA, and his level of expertise, knowledge, and dedication to his clients is unmatched. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the GTA or beyond. He is a true professional who will always put his clients first.

By: Sharon

Kush was found by my mum online after we had been looking for a knowledgeable agent to assist me in purchasing my home. From the moment I called him, he put me at ease with his knowledge of the current market and how he can bring value to my home search. The first time I spoke to Kush was Feb 21 of 2021, by March 5 1 had found a house I loved and by March 9th won the bid for the home we loved. From the process of speaking to us about home ownership, talking to us about what the mortgage approval process was like and ensuring that I had all the documents ready, he truly was wonderful, he was not pushy, he was available to me with all my questions even when I felt it wasn't a question worth asking. He made sure that I understood that every question I had had value and he provided me with answers based on his knowledge and industry experience. We will be closing end of April 2021, so about 2 months from the time we initially spoke on the phone. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all he did for us during this period. We look forward to working with him again for other real estate needs in the future and yes I would highly recommend him!

By: Earl Fraser

I had an opportunity to work with Kush first on a rental basis and I was very impressed by his wealth of knowledge and wisdom and expertise. Kush was able to rent out my place efficiently in the winter at a very difficult and challenging time of the year. When I was ready to sell my property I came across a few obstacles and the only agent who was able to move this property forward was Mr. Kush Gupta he stepped in and in a efficient manner and utilized his talents to take a very challenging task within days my property was sold he saved me a lot of money I was extremely impressed. I would definitely recommend his services and will be definitely working with him the future. Excellent job Kush!

By: Ank

Kush is hardworking and punctual. He is very patient and does not push in making any decision. Thank you Kush for helping us find a home that meets all our criteria.

By: Khurram

First of all, Kush is really true & an honest gentleman + very professional real estate agent/broker. Buying a property in GTA is already a challenging task but even more when you’re not in Canada; he helped me to buy a property from USA which was seems to be impossible due to COVID-19 travel restriction. However, Kush not only helped finding the right property but negotiated the price which was below then our expectations and did all the paperwork and facilitated in the payment transaction.

By: Ehi

Kush told me he was going to get me a house and help me with the mortgage approval. He kept his word and delivered to the property to me against all odds.

By: Hasmukhray Merja

Kush Gupta is very enthusiastic agent with lot of contacts. He gets the best deal for the property for leasing, selling or buying. Once we entrusted Kush for leasing our house in Woodbridge Park, which he accomplished within two weeks. It was our investment property but we never had to pay mortgage from our pocket. Thanks to Kush.

By: Archana

Kush is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, punctual and reliable. He understands the clients long term and short term real estate needs. He is available to talk anytime and answers all the questions. Honest, trustworthy and committed to the clients goals. It's been a pleasure dealing with him and I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Kush for the amazing service.

By: Rajneesh

Amazing service. He is hardworking and professional. Thank you so much Kush for everything. Your efforts made a lot of difference and your concern towards clients is commendable. Keep up the good work.

By: Bola Ojo

Look no further! KUSH is your go to person on real estate matters! He'll get you the BEST deal for a bargain! while you sit back and relax. To add, he's professional, quick and very trustworthy! Very lucky to employ his service for my house purchase, Thanks KUSH!

By: Viney Sindhu

Very Professional and knowledgeable. Helped me with my first house. Answered all my questions and was available all the time. Kept me updated with the details throughout the process. I highly recommend him. Thank you Kush for making home buying experience so easy for me.

By: Lima Dhanieram

Thank you Kush Gupta, for all your hard work and diligence in making this deal an awesome one. Words can't express how happy we are with your exceptional service. You're awesome. Keep up the good work!!!!!

By: Christina Zeko

Kush is an honest, reliable and quick real estate broker who always looks after his clients' interests first. Kush sold our house in 1 day for the price that we wanted and most important it was stress-free. Now we are looking to purchase as well. Thank you, Kush, for your dedication!

By: S. Bibby

Good morning to you to, we are all doing well, healthy and happy and giving God thanks for life. Hope you and your family is doing great also.We had our new addition to the family last November, a baby girl. We are enjoying our beautiful home that you worked soooo hard day and night for this to be possible for us and we will always be grateful for that last year around this time was when we placed an offer for the house I remembered it just like yesterday time run so fast.Yes we did a bit of work on the kitchen and a few extra things here and there, but we really appreciate all you have done for us we still talk about you to family and friends and definitely recommend your professionalism in all areas of home buying, when they are ready you walk the talk and truly a man of your words I pray that God will continue to pour his blessing upon you and your family and richly bless you abundantly with great health peace love and happiness throughout your entire life thanks for checking in with us we appreciate that also. Have a blessed day.

By: Himabindu

Thanks Kush. As you promised, thanks for completing this in exactly two weeks. Im happy and glad I made right decision approaching you. I have couple of friends who are agents and they are not happy I didnt list through them but they could not have done what you could do. Thanks once again. I was telling my brother this morning that It feels Im dealing with a IT professional and not a realtor :)

By: Anonymous


By: Lovelesh Garg

Highly recommended Kush Gupta.He is very hard working and well planned.Excellent Customer Service

By: Rajender Kumar Gupta

It is wonderful opportunity to be in this profession. This market is open 24 hrs a day. Good luck.

By: Khaja Nooruddin

Kush is very knowledgeable and considerate of customer requirement. You are doing great Kush.

By: Nikhil Dhall

I would give 10 stars if i could. Excellent in every area. Fast communication. Understands customers needs. Goes the extra mile in every area!

By: Khaja Nooruddin

Kush is very knowledgeable and considerate of customer requirement. You are doing great Kush.

By: Jason Wood

Kush has been one of the most professional Realtors I've dealt with in Ontario. Very happy to have him as a colleague. - BC REALTOR

By: Riya Mishra

Kush Gupta helped me buy and sell. I would rate him 10 out of 10, for everything. I got my home listed in Brampton with Kush and I am very happy with this decision of mine. I interviewed 2 realtors before him, but they just weren't right it was kush's honesty, integrity and straightforward attitude which sealed the deal. Kush is the most professional and hard-working real estate broker, I would definitely recommend him.

By: Raj

I know Kush as a very fine realtor and sold my last investment home through him.

Regards, Raj

By: Gagan Dadiala

Kush is one of the smartest, friendly, knowledgeable, honest and hard-working real estate agents in GTA. An amazing realtor to work with who will not push the clients to make decisions hastily and will go above and beyond…. He is very helpful and understanding all through the transaction. I would highly recommend Kush to anyone looking for an agent!!! Good Luck, Kush

By: Vishal Puja Nayee

Kush brought to the table creative ideas and solutions. He was quite resourceful and always a phone call away. We appreciated his experience and approach in addition to the time he invests to address any concerns.

By: Steve W.

I bought a house with Kush and it went really smoothly. His communication was quick and he offered lots of helpful tips on making the place work for me. I'd definitely work with Kush again!

By: Sharmin Aziz Hossain

Just when we had lost all our hopes and respect from Realtors in Toronto, we met Kush Gupta. He was the most efficient, hardworking and detailed oriented realtor we have ever met! Too good to believe ?? He was not only very knowledgeable but also patient, straightforward, polite and professional. He met with us and answered all our questions very honestly. He found great tenants for our house and basement within a day! He made our whole experience less stressful. Even after we concluded our dealing, he is within a phone call away if we need anything. We would recommend Kush to anyone who is looking for a reliable, trustworthy and good realtor in the market. We know we are going back to him for our next purchase of home.

By: Abhishek Chugh

Kush had been remarkably helpful. He worked closely with us to understand our needs and got us our property in less than 2 weeks. Our experience was really enjoyable. Kush was very informative and professional. He really understands the local housing market. He was even available late night for quick phone calls for questions and was also able to accommodate last minute request for showings. His services are very transparent and client focused .

By: Sophia Batra

Working with Kush has been extremely enriching. Our first meeting with Kush was like having attended a course in real estate buying and selling and having received a lesson from a Professor, rather than having been solicited by just another real estate Broker. We felt reassured having entrusted our real estate interests in Kush’s hands knowing fully well that he is knowledgeable, experienced, diligent and honest. We are proud to be associated with Kush Gupta and can’t imagine anyone that meets him once, will ever have to look beyond him, for their lifetime of real estate needs. Kush stands out in every respect as a dependable and trust worthy real estate professional and brand “Kush Gupta” is set to take over GTA and beyond in the days to come, as the region continues to grow at a rapid pace.

By: Peter and Sherlan

As for myself and Peter we just want to take the opportunity to say thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts you really made our dream come through we still can't believe how comfortable you made this experience for us you good by your every word you are a true and loyal business man thank you again, you will always remain in our thoughts and prayers the world needs more people like you. Congratulations on a job well done. God continue to bless you and yout family throughout life.

By: Ben Bagneri

Thanks Kush! You did a fantastic job selling and finding us a home. I am still in shock, given you told us our home would be sold in 2 weeks and you did it in a week and a half!!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon at the new home and working together again soon! Thanks

By: Madeline

Well done Kush … It is awesome to see your passion and enthusiasm beam thru! I would love for you to join "RMSG". Cheers

By: Chantal Davies

Kush was amazing with helping my son and I rent a beautiful basement apartment. I highly recommend Kush with any rentals, he made the whole process easy and stress free!

By: Rosette Mubalutila

You made my dream come true Mr Kush. I cannot thank you enough for the effort that you made when you got me this beautiful home for me and my family. Its very rare to find a realtor loyal who put the need of the client first with respect. Your compassion and your determination amazed me. Thank you so much for everything


Hi morning felt soo great to wake up this morning and look outside to see the sold sign you put up and our other deal is maturing really great feelings thank you again for a job well done we see the passion you have for your work thanks again.

By: Daniel J. Smith

Kush is an amazing person, keep crushing things Kush :)

By: Amit Kumar

Kush sold the house in 1 day, he is fast in response, and gives timely updates. Very transparent in approach, it was good working with Kush, all the best for your future deals.

By: Meenu Bhatia

I am very satisfied with his services in one day he leased our house . His positive behaviour and friendly attitude makes him popular among people

By: Eylon Zemer

Kush sold our house and set a record for our street! He responds to every question or concern we had right away and was very helpful guiding us through the entire process. He is very knowledgeable, a tough negotiator and available day or night when you need him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell, he's an amazing agent!

By: Sinem Bagheri

I highly recommend Kush to anyone trying to buy or sell their home. His turn around time was amazing and had our property sold within 2 weeks. Being pregnant with twins he made it a point on keeping the transaction on both the sale and purchase of the home smooth. Will definitely be using him in the future and would recommend him to all my family and friends.

By: Ajay Gupta

Mr. Gupta is a very seasoned and responsive real estate professional who knows the business inside out. His very acute solutions driven approach makes him stand out from the crowd. A true professional and with a pulse on the client's requirements, he is always forthcoming on resolving any foreseen issues. Needless to say that he is amongst the most networked professionals in the industry, It is always a pleasure to do business with him.

By: Bob Sarkar

We hired Kush a few years back to guide us through a few real estate investments, and they turned out to be outright winners. We found him deeply knowledgeable and most importantly...having a lot of patience, a trait most realtors do not possess.

By: Malwinder Cheema

We had a great experience working with Kush. I couldn’t believe how responsive he was to all of our requests and questions, and knew far more than we ever hoped to know about the process of buying a new home & Selling. We contacted Kush initially based on positive online reviews to sell our Investment property and couldn’t have been more satisfied with the process from Intial staging until House was Sold. Highly recommend Kush Gupta.

By: Patty Barr

Kush is amazing, very knowledgeable and knows a lot about the market and good negotiator. He sold my house in no time. Definitely recommended to people I know. Will continue doing business with you again for sure!

By: Tamuk Kumar

I highly recommend the services offered by Toronto real estate. Kush Gupta has a wide range of real estate solutions to offer. Reach out to him for interesting deals!

By: Lovelesh Garg

Highly recommended Kush Gupta.He is very hard working and well planned. Excellent customer Service

By: Shama Gupta

I highly recommend Kush Gupta.. He is very knowledgeable professional honest hardworking person

By: Rashmi Bansal

Great job..hardwork..honesty & passion towards work brings great success in life. All these comes with Kush gupta. Gud luck bhaiya

By: Sanjeev Bansal

I can't think of a better example of quality service, integrity and professionalism mixed with discipline, and dedication in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Kush Gupta is personable, respectful, patient and his experience and knowledge shine through when he is representing you. I would put a lot of faith in someone who has proven themselves time and again regardless of the size of homes he has listed or value. Kush Gupta outshines the rest. I felt honored to have him in Team Alliance Realty Inc. Keep up the good work Kush !!!!

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

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